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Isle Of Wight Ferry Prices, Discounts & Deals

Isle Of Wight Ferry Prices, Discounts & Deals

 I can now confirm we can offer a booking system with Wightlink Ferries, Please also find other discounts for ferry travel here.

The Main Car Ferries are

Southampton to East Cowes – Red funnel (approx time 55mins)

Portsmouth to Fishbourne – Wightlink (approx 45mins)

Lymington to Yarmouth – Wightlink (approx 40mins)

The Foot Passenger Ferries are
Southampton to West Cowes – Red Funnel (approx 25mins)
Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head – Wightlink (approx 22mins)
Southsea to Ryde Esplanade – Hover (approx 10mins)
Well There is no real answer to this question, It all depends on when your travelling and what times etc.

Here we will post some discount codes and any deals we find, But please if you find any more feel free to let us know.
  • Red Funnel – 10% off car day return vehicle ferry travel from Southampton withHampshire Attractions until 31/12/16. You need to register with Hampshire Attractions (it’s free but you’ll be added to their mailing list) and then you need to take the voucher with you. Terms and conditions say that ‘date restrictions may apply’ but doesn’t give any specific dates.
Red Funnel discount code: HTAL6 (register and print off voucher)

  • Red Funnel – £10 off car travel to the Isle of Wight (from Southampton) for 1 night or more for private vehicles up to 2.7m in height. Book by 31/03/16, travel by 30/04/16. This came from the adverts section in my National Trust Magazine (yes, I really am that middle class).
Red Funnel discount code: NT98R

  • HoverTravel – 20% off standard adult and child return tickets. Must be booked in advance online with promo code. Not valid from 0600 – 0900 or 1630 – 1800. Valid until 1/12/16. This came from a Hampshire Attractions offer, although it isn’t clear whether you need to take the voucher with you.
HoverTravel discount code: HTHTA2016

Wightlink Ferries
I can confirm we can now offer a booking service via Wightlink Ferries, please contact us for a quote.
          Wightlink discount code: (via booking form                         for motorhomes and caravans)


Topcashback logo

Use Topcashback to save on Wightlink

Two tricks in one here…Wightlink tickets can be bought with Tesco Clubcard points (see the Terms and Conditions from Wightlink) with £10 in Clubcard vouchers worth £30 on the ferry.

You can also massively increase the number of Tesco points you have by signing up for Top CashBack which gives you a cut of the commission they receive when you shop through them.

For example, buy your car insurance through Top CashBack and you can easily get £50 cashback for no extra cost. You can then exchange this for Tesco Clubcard points which is worth £150 – £200 on Wightlink car journeys.

Topcashback also occasionally do an offer where you get 500 Tesco Clubcard points just for signing up (worth £15 – £20 on Wightlink).

In February 2014, Tesco improved the Wightlink offer so that you can book economy car ferry tickets with Tesco vouchers rather than the more expensive ‘standard’ tickets. Many thanks to Roger for spotting that one and getting in touch. There are other terms and conditions but it’s still a good deal.


Carisbrooke Castle

Combine your journey with an attraction

It is sometimes cheaper to get a deal which includes a visit to an attraction than just the ferry. (At the time of writing – November 2014 – the deals aren’t yet available for 2015, but you can still see the attractions).

With Wightlink a day trip in the car on a Saturday in August 2013 for an adult and two children was £44 if you also visit Dimbola Lodge or £78 if you didn’t. The price went up to £48 in 2014 but it was still a bargain. There are bundles which include many of the Island’s best attractions apart from the beaches (Robin Hill, Blackgang Chine, Carisbrooke Castle (pictured), Osborne House etc).

Red Funnel also offer discounts on entrance prices if you buy through themHovertravel also do bundles.

Not exactly an attraction, but with Red Funnel you can now get a bike hire and ferry combined ticket for £23.50 day return. The bike hire is worth £13 and the return is worth about £15 to £23 depending on the time you travel. All in all, a fairly good deal.

For those travelling in the opposite direction, you can save money on various mainland attractions if you show your Wightlink ticket. These include:


AA Members get 5% off with Wightlink which will probably save you somewhere between £3 and £7 for each journey. Breakdown Cover starts from about £32. You don’t seem to be able to combine it with a discount code though.


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Turn airmiles into Ferrymiles

If you’ve accumulated Avios points (previously Airmiles), you can use them with Red Funnel ferries. Last time I asked for a quote, each Avios point was worth about 0.52p on the car ferry, so my 11500 points was worth £60.

You can’t combine it with vouchers, so it is best to use it when you don’t have other discounts available.

This Guide is from www.isleofwightguru.co.uk which is a guide to Ferry Travel and Holidays.