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To help things go smoothly for your holiday, please read the following Terms
and Conditions. These are the terms as set out by Sandhills Holiday Park,
our Insurers and our wishes. To enable you to enjoy your stay please
adhere to these rules. Thank you.

To help things go smoothly for your holiday, please read the following Terms and Conditions.  These are the terms as set out by Sandhills Holiday Park, our Insurers and our wishes.  To enable you to enjoy your stay please adhere to these rules.  Thank you.


When booking:
1.  The caravan will be available from 3pm on the first Saturday of your booking and
       must be vacated   by 10am on the day
       of departure.
2.    Telephone bookings must be confirmed in writing within 7 days or your time slot may
       be re-booked.
3.    A deposit of 25% of the tariff per week is payable on booking and the balance is due
       4 weeks prior to the arrival date
4.    All outstanding balance-for-hire money must be paid in full two weeks prior to the start of holiday.
5.    We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.
6.    There are NO DOGS AND PETS allowed in the caravan or at the Sandhills site
7.    No holiday insurance is provided.  It is recommended that you make suitable arrangements
       with your insurers.
8.     No bookings will be accepted for all male, all female or mixed groups under 25 – family
       parties only please
9.    Bed linen is not provided.  You must also provide your own towels.
10.  All  gas, water and electricity is provided.
11.  We cannot be held responsible for any power cuts, adverse weather or poorly chosen company!
12.  Prices include VAT.  This is subject to adjustment by the Government and is outside of our
      control.  Prices will change accordingly in relation to any changes.
14.  All rules, park regulations or conditions must be adhered to at all times.  These are displayed within the caravan
15.  A bond of £50 will be required with your booking. This should be paid by a separate cheque which will be
      returned to you by post if the caravan is left in a clean condition, with full inventory and without damage.
16.  The hirer undertakes to keep the caravan and all fixtures and effects in the same state of repair and condition

       as at the commencement of the hire period.  Any damage or breakages are the hirer’s responsibility and the cost

       of repair or replacement deemed their liability.
17.   Whilst every care is taken with web sites and advertising, errors and omissions can occasionally be made.  we are
        under no obligation to honour this price.
18.   If you do not book into your accommodation by 8.30am on the day following the commencement of your
        holiday, we will assume that you have cancelled your holiday.
Whilst on the site:
1.    We cannot accept responsibility for personal injury, sickness or disease.
2.    All highway code and road laws must be obeyed whilst using Sandhills roadways.
3.    Kites may not be flown due to the danger of overhead electricity cables.
4.    All refuse is to be deposited in black refuse bags and put in the large bins at various points on the site.
5.    Please be considerate of neighbours, especially after 11pm.

6.    Sandhills facilities are not guaranteed to be open and are subject to availability by Sandhills Holiday Park.

       (Please see web site for facility opening times and dates).

7.    The playing of music is strictly forbidden, between the hours of 11pm and 8am, at all.  At all other times

       it must be kept to a level acceptable to other occupants on the park.
Whilst in the caravan:

1.    NO SMOKING ANYWHERE IN THE CARAVAN, but you may of course smoke outside the van making sure

         you dispose of cigarette’s accordingly. (THIS HAS BEEN REPEATED PURELY TO MAKE SURE YOUR

2.    All breakages and damage to the caravan or contents must be paid for.
3.    Guests are asked to leave the caravan clean and tidy
4.    Please ensure that all items on the inventory remain in the caravan at the end of your stay
If you need to cancel or leave before the agreed departure date:

1.  If you cancel before 6 weeks from start of holiday, you will lose your booking deposit. Any cancellation 4 weeks

      or less before holiday starts, you will receive no refund at all.  All cancellations must be confirmed in writing.
2.   No refunds can be given to any Hirer who leaves the Holiday Park prior to the agreed departure date.


These are the Terms and Conditions of Sandhills Holiday Park, ourselves and the insurers of the caravan.